About These Men’s Discussion Topics

Most men belong to a fraternity

Some are literal fraternities, some are communities concerned with health, wellness, success or career. Others are simply the groups of men who have coalesced with a common identity whether it’s healthy or not. I’m not judging any of it here. I am, however, offering this site for the men who feel they don’t fit in with their current tribe. I also offer this to the men who have identified and live in their power. This is a collection of men’s discussion topics for those of us who want more and who want to be the spectacular men we know we can be.

Working on Myself

This is the current iteration of the work I’m doing on myself. I belong to a group devoted to — among many things — emotional maturity, self-awareness, and authenticity. If you belong to a men’s group, you may find that you’re left with inner dialogue surrounding items that are raised by other men in your group. You may find yourself asking the right questions about something you didn’t know how to approach before. These men’s discussion topics are the leftovers after the meeting has ended.

There are expectations

Participants will be respectful, tolerant to their best ability, authentic when it matters, and not take themselves too seriously. We’re in this together. The whole point of this is to learn about ourselves and how we react to those jabs of anger or fear. How we learn to control impulses and know where those reactions are coming from so we can be happier more connected men.

There will be bad language, immaturity, and sarcasm. There will also be insights, friendship, and growth. To my knowledge, there won’t be cyborgs or robots on the site so the conversation may get messy.

Welcome to the men’s group.