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Thank you for your interest in becoming a contributing writer at

This is a brand-new site and community for those who are trying to be better, happier men. If you feel you can contribute to the ongoing discussion, I look forward to meeting you. We will publicly attribute articles to you, the author. This is not a request for ghostwriters. I want you to be seen and heard—if what you’re saying isn’t bull. Who decides if it’s bull? Me. It’s my site.

You don’t have to be a professional or published writer to submit to

Requirements for Submissions

  • You will need to have a WordPress account and be logged in to submit.
  • 500-1000 words (except for the Rants category which is 300-500 words).
  • AP Style — For more detail go here.
  • Facts and content rights checked and in order.
  • Focused on men’s issues.
  • Offer effective solutions, insights, or resources. It doesn’t have to be the Holy Grail or anything. Maybe just what has worked for you.
  • Image width must be between 1000-1200px and height must be between 200-300px (jpg, gif, or png format). Images are shown at the top of the article.
  • After your first submission is approved, you will then need to supply a brief bio of about 80-100 words and a 300 X 300-pixel jpg, gif, or png headshot. You’ll only need to do this for the first submission. This is what will be used to introduce you to the readers on the “Contributing Writers” page.
This isn’t about simply talking about a problem or issue with no way of resolution.

The article should offer something that answers the questions or offers realistic options or resources for resolution. In other words, don’t unearth a problem someone didn’t know they had, and then leave them hanging. Give them the next step. The occasional hysterical rant might be a possible exception to this. It’s just funny and serves to affirm common frustrations. The camaraderie generated can have real value on its own.

It’s OK to swear, be crass, be direct, and otherwise counter some of the smoothed over and apologetic drool out there now.

Authenticity is welcome and encouraged. However, it’s NOT OK to be disrespectful, rude, demeaning, divisive, judgey, or otherwise ignorant. Don’t spend too much time on an article before you talk to me for clarity if you’re unclear on what that means.

Use humor if that’s your thing.

Drive a point home and engage the reader. If humor isn’t your thing, that’s fine too but try not to be too dry or academic. It’s boring. In other words, use a conversational style and don’t condescend or pontificate, unless, of course, you really are the ultimate authority on the topic. Then you might have some leeway here.

Use facts and statistics and get them right.

Submissions will be proofed for accuracy. Thus, if you screw this one up you’ll likely not be able to submit again. Sorry to be blunt but it’s important.

Use images and videos

if it supports or enhances your articles but make absolutely sure that you are the creator or properly own the rights. However, this will be checked and if you mess this one up, you’ll be blacklisted and a random line out of “I Dream of Jeannie” will be tattooed conspicuously on your face.

The Categories

I’m not averse to adding a category if it has sustainability and supports the long term goals of the site. Suggest away. The following are the categories that all articles will fall under. An article will only be assigned one category.

Category 1: Men’s Group Talk — This is the general category that includes the discussions between men that have just attended their last men’s group meeting. It’s also where I’ll put general discussion items.

Possible Topics in The Category “Men’s Group Talk” Include
  • Someone Pissed Me Off. Can I Punch Him?
  • Where the Hell Did That Come from?
  • I Ugly Cried and Liked It.
  • Can You Share Yourself in a Group Without Anxiety?

Category 2: This Versus That — To clear up confusion and inform men about topics that seem to elude many of us, this category will compare two items that are often confused, misunderstood, or lacking definition. Because of this, these articles should be a little bit less conversational and a bit more informational.

Possible Topics in The Category “This Versus That” Include
  • Shame vs Guilt
  • Assertive vs Aggressive
  • Acceptance vs Apathy
  • Anger vs Fear

Category 3: Emotional Intelligence — It was ignited in the mid-90s with the book “Emotional Intelligence” by Danial Goleman and has become invaluable as a tool for men to understand themselves and to lead happier more content lives with purpose. Since then, much has been written about this and builds on Dr. Goleman’s work. Articles for this category might include statistics, studies, and the latest development in this area in the culture and the scientific community.

Possible Topics in The Category “Emotional Intelligence” Include
  • Empathy: Fact or Fiction.
  • Violence and Impulse Control in Young Men.
  • Nailed It! How to Know How People Really Feel.
  • A Book Review

Category 4: Rants — This is for letting off steam. It’s usually humorous but doesn’t have to be. This is the one category that doesn’t require that you have solutions or insights for the reader. It’s more just to be heard and maybe commiserate a bit. Therefore it is the only category that limits words to 300-500. Rants are fun but let’s not indulge that shadow too much.

Possible Topics in The Category “Rants” Include
  • How Can You Eat That!
  • It’s Not About You, Usually.
  • Change My Tire or Endure My Wrath.
  • I Kind of Don’t Care if You Like It.

If you’re interested in contributing, use the contact form to introduce yourself and kick off a conversation (and maybe even a friendship). I can give you more details then.

If you think you’ve got this nailed and you understand the Terms and Privacy Policy,
are logged into WordPress, and understand the requirements listed at the top of this page

Then Just Go Ahead and Submit Your Work

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If you know a writer or someone who you feel would be perfect for this or who would get a kick out of it, please, by all means, share it with them. That helps them out, helps me out, and makes you look like a total hero! There are sharing icons at the bottom of this page to share if it’s more convenient.

Thanks so much for your support in this. I Can’t wait to read you.